Gordon Johnston

Gordon was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007 and is now active in several voluntary sector mental health organisations. He is past Chair of VOX (Voices of Experience – the national collective advocacy organisation in mental health) and currently… read more.


Benjamin McElwee

Benj is the Policy and Practice Officer at See Me Scotland, working to reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by people with mental health issues. He is engaging with a range of stakeholders to improve the experiences and outcomes of those interacting with the health and social care system…read more.




Michel Syrett

During the early part of his career, when he combined business journalism with academic research in related fields, Michel Syrett worked as a Visiting Fellow for leading business centres such as Cranfield School of Management, the Poon Kam Kai Institute of Management at the University of Hong Kong…read more.



Heidi Tweedie

Heidi is a peer researcher, trainer, consultant and activist who has worked in mental health since 2004 supporting a range of organisations and groups to explore, understand and better communicate regarding recovery, stigma, wellbeing and mental ill-health. She is passionate …read more.