Michel Syrett

During the early part of his career, when he combined business journalism with academic research in related fields, Michel Syrett worked as a Visiting Fellow for leading business centres such as Cranfield School of Management, the Poon Kam Kai Institute of Management at the University of Hong Kong, Groupe HEC at Paris University and The Roffey Institute of Management.

Michel has had a bipolar diagnosis since 1997 and recent years has focussed on the research of mental health issues, covering such topics as good practice in employment and HR Management, trends in SDS and the needs of older people with mental health problems. He is the author of 20 books and reports, covering a wide range of subjects in the fields of business management and mental health.

Selected Books by Michel Syrett

Frontiers of Leadership (Blackwell 1991)
Managing Live Innovation (Routledge 1998)
Successful Innovation (Economist 2002)
The Secret Life of Manic Depression (BBC 2006)
Successful Strategy Execution (Economist 2007)
Managing Uncertainty (Economist 2012)
Managing Talent (Economist 2013)

All of these titles are available on the Michel Syrett page of the Amazon website.